There are little quirks that we all have but that we only really seem to notice when we’re riding around on public transport.

There really is nothing quite like the confused look of a stranger staring at you to make you realise that you have been humming out loud with your earphones in or looking like you’re talking to yourself as you play out whatever imaginary conversation you are having in your head.

But, the good news? We all do it! Well… Almost all at least.

Dublin Bus have completed a survey where they found out just what is really going with their customers when they’re riding around on the buses.

As most of us leave things till the last minute, it’s not surprising that 67 percent of commuters use their travel time to finish off schoolwork and work. For the early risers, over 12 percent use the bus to have an extra snooze before they begin their day.

We may not even realise we’re doing it, but most of us do give the people boarding the bus a courtesy glance which has led to 23 percent of people saying hello to someone they don’t know.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of people have pretended to use their phone or some form of device to avoid seeing someone so they don’t have to have to make awkward conversation. 

Ireland is proven to be as flirty as ever with 23 percent of commuters fancying someone on their bus while 15 percent of people have actually gotten off at the WRONG stop just to keep a certain conversation going!

So, whether you want to get your homework done quickly or find the love of your life, it looks as if it’s all possible from the comfort of our very own Dublin Bus.