A sign placed on the window of a public house is currently going viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The Continental bar, located in New York's East Village, is facing backlash for policing the speech patterns of the public after it banned the word 'literally' from the venue. 

'Sorry but if you say the word 'literally' inside Continental you have 5 minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave,' reads the sign, a photo of which was uploaded to social media by Twitter user Sara Cress. 

'If you actually start a sentence with 'I literally' you must leave immediately!!!'

'This is the most overused, annoying word in the English language and we will not tolerate it.'

'Stop Kardashianism now!' 

According to Urban Dictionary, Kardashianism is described as a lifestyle which is influenced by or modelled off the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

It describes the phenomenon as: 'A chronic condition of extreme self-indulgence, characterised by self-involvement, absence of moral character, histrionic attention-seeking, inappropriate sexual activity, and overly large buttocks.'

So, it seems that the description of Kardashoianism is about as rude as the sign, then. 

Cress also drew attention to the fact that most bars don't have a policy against harassment, never mind turns of phrase. 

The Continental bar has previously come under fire for having an allegedly racist door policy

Since the tweet went viral, the owner of the bar, Trigger Smith, has backtracked on the implementation of the rule. 

'I literally feel sorry for anybody who would take this seriously,' he told Time Out.

However, he told the online publication that he feels the phrase is chronically overused.

'If you watch TV shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians or The Bachelor, every third word they say is ‘literally. It's contagious,' he told Time Out. 

'You even hear newscasters on CNN saying it.'

We'll literally keep speaking exactly how we want to, thanks.