It's getting closer and closer to Christmas which means we FINALLY have an excuse to break out our favourite soppy Christmas films with absolutely no judgement. 


Love Actually may only be a couple of years old but we already consider it to be one of the most heart-warming and classic Christmas films that there is. 

And just when we though we couldn't love it anymore, someone went and found these heartbreaking deleted scenes. 

At just under three minutes, the story line features the headmistress of the school featured in the film coming home from work to look after her ailing partner.

British actress Anne Reid plays the headmistress of the school in which the film’s climactic talent show takes place and Frances de la Tour plays her terminally ill partner.

Let's just say this story line does not have a happy ending. 

Considering that without these precious and brief scenes there are only heterosexual couples (and one bromance) featured in the film, we think this pairing might have helped to broaden the film's emotional reach.

Having said that, the film is pretty emotional as is and we may not have been able to cope. 

Watch the scenes here.