The entire plot of Game of Thrones Season Seven has reportedly been leaked online.

Fans of the hit show were left in turmoil today after a report by GOT community site Watchers on the Wall suggested that a Reddit leak of the plot may well be legitimate.

According to The Huffington Post, Reddit user awayforthelads shared Season Seven spoilers online three weeks ago, but it wasn’t until Watchers on the Wall confirmed some of the leaked details by comparing them to set photographs and source information that viewers began to take the leak seriously.

So what did this mysterious Reddit user predict?


If the leak’s claims are correct, Dany and Jon Snow hook up, the Wall falls, Arya kills Littlefinger, Jon does not find out who his real parents are, Jon’s real name is Aegon, Olenna acknowledges that she poisoned Joffrey, Cersei is pregnant, Targaryen recognises Jon and the White Walkers take control of one of Dany’s dragons.

Naturally, fans of the show have been left distraught by news of the leak.  Many have taken to Twitter to discuss their internal state of struggle.