Katie Price's parenting skills have come under fire as she posted pictures of her eight-year-old daughter wearing a full face of makeup to her Instagram. 

The former glamour model is currently playing Maleficent in the Sleeping Beauty pantomime in the New Victoria Theatre just outside London and enjoyed some backstage fun with her daughter to Peter Andre, Princess. 

However, many critics had issues with the the eight-year-old being allowed to don cosmetics at such an early age.

One user wrote: "Sexualising your eight-year-old daughter? Not cool Pricey."

However, some defended the star by stating that eight-year-old girls love to dress up and should be allowed to express their creativity through their appearance. 

Well, it seems that Princess was not going to take her Mum's criticism lying down and posted a pretty sassy video on Instagram.

Still wearing makeup in the video, Princess says: "By the way, I do my makeup not my Mum. I do and anyway it's none of your beeswax."


Princess fires back #family

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We certainly will not be messing with her.