We're used to seeing Julianne Hough with platinum blonde locks, but she's ditched them for a brand new style that is definitely going to take some getting used to.

The Rock of Ages star took to Instagram yesterday to show off her new bleached pink locks, saying she felt like a "unicorn":


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Talk about embracing a spring colour palette…

Julianne went into detail about her choice to go pink on her personal website, JulianneHough.com, telling fans that she "felt liberated" any time she made a big change to her style.

"I love to experiment with my looks by way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further –- remember last year when I chopped off all my hair?" she wrote. "It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it!"

The Dancing With The Stars judge said she decided on pink this time because it is the colour of "kindness." Oh, right so.

Julianne even offered some tips on anyone considering taking their hair down the rainbow route. "Something about purple hair and green eyes always works. Blue eyes can pull off pink so well. With brown eyes it really depends on skin tone, but they have the most potential to pull off all colors," she wrote.

We have to admit, we're kind of tempted!