From living in mansions at a young age to having successful entrepreneurs as parents, these stars really did enjoy the ‘good life’ before they got famous:

1)      Adam Levine

From taking on a seat of the judging panel of The Voice to having his own clothing line and fragrances, this tatted up hunk got a bit of a head start. Adam Levine was the son of M. Fredric, founder of a retail clothing chain – doesn’t take away from his good looks though!

adam levine

2)      Lady GaGa

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (we know, it’s a bit of a mouth full) was the daughter of a successful internet entrepreneur. Her parents climbed their way up the ladder when she was very young, giving her a chance to have a luxurious childhood.


3)      Kristen Stewart

This Twilight star really did have a ‘dream’ house. She grew up in a mansion worth $1.75 that her parents designed around her loved for Alice in Wonderland.


4)      Jordan Sparks

Jordan Sparks had a successful entrepreneur as a mother and a daddy who played for the N.Y. Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. Fair play to her for not using her parents name to make it big, she made history on the 6th Season of American Idol for becoming the youngest winner on the show.

jordan sparks

5)      Taylor Swift

Swift had an upper-class upbringing – to say the least. She went to private schools, lived in a huge farm in Pennsylvania and enjoyed her summers at the family’s beachfront house. Her father was a financial advisor who helped finance her at the start of her career.