So, while we're all for advances in technology and the endless possibilities they may bring, every now and then there's a scientific breakthrough that leaves us with just one question – why?

Researchers from universities in South Korea, Japan and the US have come together to create a pair of glasses that will enable users to control their mobile phone just by touching their nose.

Cleverly dubbed 'Itichy Nose', the glasses have been designed to interpret different gestures, thus allowing users to reject call, pause a video, or skip a song without ever touching their phones.

The glasses use electrooculography sensors, which are often used by doctors to measure the electric potential in parts of the eye.

Developers hope the unusual piece of kit will help people avoid committing a number of tech-related social faux pas, such as reaching for a phone when in the middle of a conversation.

Speaking to The Verge, co-creator and study first author Juyoung Lee, said: “If an important text from a spouse came in during a business meeting, the user could check it and dismiss it quickly without calling undue attention to the interaction.”

“Similarly, if the user had a list of names and faces to remind her of who is in the meeting, she could scroll through the list until she found the person whose name she forgot.”

“These quick interactions can be very useful but are rare enough to not attract attention.”

OK, so maybe this could come in handy from time to time…