So, IT Tallaght might not be known for its massive lecture halls or state of the art facilities, but what it lacks it size it makes up for in character.  

Whether it's impromptu drinks in the Metro, or the fun and frolics of Fresher's Week, there are some things that will stick in the mind of graduates long after they've walked through those revolving doors one last time. 

The library was cramped, the internet connection was pretty much non-existent and the canteen was overpriced, but hey, it was ours. 

Here's just a few things we won't forget any time soon. 

1. Getting pretty sick of people making the TIT joke

"Oh, so where do you go to college?" 

"IT Tallaght" 

"So you go to *pause*… TIT?"

"LOL never heard that one before. Have you ever thought of going into stand-up comedy?" 

2. Feeling sorry for the poor souls whose mates dared them to take part in the Fresher's Week games

It's all fun and games until someone ends up permanently damaging their taste buds after taking part in the chicken wing challenge… 

Someone get these lads a glass of milk! 

3. Heading to the Metro during long breaks 

Long breaks, short breaks – or anytime at all really. 

Not to mention Messy Mondays… 

In fact, we won't even go there. 

4. Getting stuck holding the library door open

Deciding to pop in and have a look for that book you're too broke to actually buy, only to get caught up in a mass exodus of students who have has enough study for today. 

And nary a 'thank you' between them. 

5. Speaking of doors, WHO thought a revolving entrance was a good idea? 

"Should I go now or should I wait for the next one?"

The side door was always a safer bet. 

6. Saving your coffee stamps for a Venti Starbucks

The caramel latté is all the more satisfying after you've suffered through a full week of lukewarm filter coffee. 

7. The length of the ATM queue on grant day

One cash machine between 4,000 students wasn't exactly the greatest idea was it? 

8. The distinct lack of colour printers

All that effort you put into making your graphs look fab, and for what? – to print it in black and white? 

I don't think so. 

9. Don't even get us started on those bloody ramps 

It doesn't matter how slow you're going – that coffee in your cup holder is still going to spill everywhere. 


10. Missing the bus to the exam hall  

"Oh, there it goes."

"See you in August, repeats!" 

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