The Coronas must be absolutely thrilled, as they have signed a major record deal in London with Island Records. However, the lads aren’t getting ahead of themselves just yet:

“It’s a good moment for us. It doesn’t guarantee anything major will happen. But it is the reason we came over here.

“We wanted to try and take things to the next level. And fingers crossed, with the next album coming out before the end of the year we can do that.

“They have Mumford and Sons, Hozier, Florence and the Machine, U2, as well. They are a really great label. We’ve met them a few times and they really seem to be into the stuff.

“And they’re signing us off the back of the new album, which is good as well. They’re not looking to release the back catalogue, they’re treating us like a new band which is what we wanted. So fingers crossed.”

Well done guys!