Have you ever faced that feeling of absolute panic when you’re about to press send on that very important e-mail, or see more of J.Law’s ridiculously attractive body guards and then… nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Cue widespread panic.

It happens. Whether you’re just mindlessly scrolling, streaming or actually working, when you lose that vital internet connection we’re left feeling useless, and bored.

Not anymore!

If you’re a Google Chrome user (check your updates for certainty), you will never have to make awkward small talk again. Yay! Now we can spend even more time staring at our screens.

That little Chrome dinosaur used to be the cause of such frustration. The T-Rex just always seems to arrive when you least expect him, or want him, to be honest. His arms a metaphor for us all, desperately trying to reach that coveted WiFi hotspot. How will people know I'm having a paleo lasagna if I can't post if on Facebook?

Now though, you’re going to fall in love with that little out of proportion dino.

Whenever he appears, hit the up arrow on your keyboard. He runs! And jumps, and ducks and is just generally the best thing to happen to you when you’re cut off from the inter-webs.

If you’re a smartphone user, long journeys with limited connections and dodgy WiFi are not an issue, simply tap on the little guy and boom—hours of entertainment.

It also works on Android, just FYI. Thanks, Google.