We appreciate Peter Andre for bringing Mysterious Girl into our lives and we are also forever grateful that the video for that song exists. 

But do you remember this bad boy?

Insania is definitely one of Peter's lesser known songs but many may recognise the nasally "do, do, do's" that seem to repeat for eternity.

Well, it turns out that Peter Andre himself knows that this song is not one of his best. 

I'd like to say sorry to the British public for inflicting my song Insania on them. I hope we can all move on from it."

We have to admit that we sort of love Peter for this. 

Speaking to the Sunday Times' Style Magazine, Peter hopes that the British public can forgive him the record 

Having been out of the spotlight for several years, Peter reappeared on I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here in 2002 with his then partner Katie Price. 

It was here in the depths of the Australian outback that Peter penned the infamous Insania which would become the lead single from his fourth studio album. 

And who can forget the pretty spectacular lyrics. 

"Take a look around, At what technology is found, Is is what we need or are we killing the scene."

It may be a pretty poor track, but we are still glad it exists.