If you have a cat, it's safe to say that you could look for hours and never find their secret hiding places.

One man searched his tiny apartment – the bathroom, the bedroom, the wardrobes – but to no avail, until he searched the kitchen.

After a while he finally found his kitty, but can you?

He even posted a picture of what his cat looks like, and then if you can't find the cat, he shared a hint.

Now, if you gave up and looked at the hint, it might have made you a little angry, because when you go back to the first picture, you can literally only see an ear popping out.

Well, the people of Bored Panda, where he first uploaded the pic, feel the same way. Some users replied to the post and said, "you can only see half an ear…," with others saying, "this is stupid."

It was fun to play hide and seek though!