Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore. It should just be a part of your lifestyle or a habit that you don’t want to break.

Here are 4 ways to ensure a healthy happy life:

Make exercise part of your life

Don’t plan your exercise regime around your day make it a part of your day. If you go o the gym after work or college put this in your diary. If night times aren’t suitable, simply start your day earlier and workout in the morning.

Be organised

Make sure you are organised. This way when it comes to gym time or run time you won’t have the excuse of “my workout gear is dirty”.

Meal plans

Meal plans are so important for helping you maintain a healthy diet. Buy everything you need at the start of the week. Do batch cooking at the weekend and freeze your food. This way you will always have healthy dinners, even if you are too tired to cook.

Have some fun

Don’t take all the fun out of life. Enjoy a coffee or a tub of ice cream every now and then – maintaining a healthy body should not just be about sacrificing all the good things!