With Fashion Month drawing to a close, we saw some of the best collections from designers all over the world.

As well as crushing on new season style, we were also keeping on top of hair and make-up trends, but we're not sure about the latest trend seen at Paris Fashion week.

Behind-the-scenes at Alexander McQueen, hair stylist Guido Palau was responsible for the new technique called hair sewing. 

Allure spoke to the man in question and asked him about the breathtaking updo he had created for the models. 

"We're using Redken products to give the hair some guts, and needle and thread. That's it."

"Sarah Burton [designer] wanted the hair to feel very natural and soft and feminine, but also artisanal, since a lot of the collection is based on artisanal workmanship."

After creating a messy middle part, Guido fed the needle and thread through the hair, starting at the hairline on either side of the part and letting the thread knot as he went to create tiny loops and lumps.

"I wanted there to be interest when you looked at the models from the front, not just the back," he explained.