There's a little bit of a control freak in all of us, whether it's a "quirky" (read: bizarre) cleaning habit or a hatred of odd numbers. 

Here are a few signs you're a little bit OCD (just a little, don't panic)…

1. Basic grammar mistakes fill you with inexplicable rage

2. This pavement haunts your dreams
Why would anyone do something so sick and messed up?

3. You'll make the bed your way, thank you very much
"Oh… that looks perfect, I'll just fix this bit… and this bit… and this bit"

4. Situations like this make your eyes twitch
Oh dear God, no.

5. You can't resist fixing things in other people's houses
You know it's not YOUR crooked picture, but that's no reason to leave it like that.

6. You want to grab this cake and run away with it before it's tainted any further
Please, just stop.

7. Odd numbers make you anxious
Why would anyone set their alarm for 7.49am when they could set it for 7.50am? *shudders*

8. Food touching other food creeps you out
Except for a basic sandwich situation which is okay… usually. But not this. Definitely not this.