Okay, so we are very aware that there are still 124 days until Christmas, but that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead. 

Last year, the Gin Foundry made all our dreams come through with their gin advent calendar, and this year promises to be no different. 

According to Good Housekeeping, the calendar will be back and better than ever this year, and will even include a Christmas tree flavour gin. 

'Each year, we select 24 Gins that provide a snapshot of the category’s depth, diversity and global reach,' reads the product description. 

'We scour countries in search of the very best, the most unusual, the most progressive and – of utmost importance – the most sublimely delicious gins.'

'The content of the Ginvent calendars is carefully curated and painstakingly considered so that all styles of gins are included, from London Dry to Old Tom, to Navy strength, Fruit infused and so on…'


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Am, we'll take one for every month of the year, thanks. 

But you'll have to hold your horses (or reindeer) for the time being, as there has been no confirmed date of the return, so you'll have to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the re-launch.

They were available for pre-order in September from Gin Kiosk last year, so hopefully we can get our paws on one ASAP.