Ladies, none of us can deny the fact that getting a delicious blow dry makes us feel famous.

Thankfully, blow dry bars are the latest rage in Dublin, and we could not be happier about it tbh.

At Galligan Beauty Group, those coveted blow drys now only cost €10 (we're NOT kidding) and they get you, and your gorgeous new hair, out the door in plenty of time for your night on the town. 

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"Every person’s favourite aspect of having their hair professionally done is the feeling afterwards of fresh, soft, and blown-out hair. The only problem is, this feeling is usually limited to the infrequent occasions of expensive hair appointments," said Bill Galligan, of Galligan Beauty Group. 

In an attempt to increase the frequency, and lower the cost of that feeling, blow dry bars came on the scene. They are a huge hit and are the solution to unruly hair and provide much-needed confidence boosts.

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The gorgeous folks at Galligan even highlighted their steps to achieving the perfect blow dry, and we're impressed.

1. Shampooing: A Galligan stylist massages your locks leaving them clean and glistening – yes please.

2. Conditioning: A conditioning treatment is then given, moisturising and healing your hair leaving it silky smooth.

3. Decision Time: Some women choose to go the route of light, beachy waves or glossy and straight.

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4. Styling: Your stylist then uses a combination of brushing, blow-drying, and product to give you your desired style, leaving your hair soft, healthy, and bouncy.

5. Showing Off: Just like that, you are free to go about your day showing off your beautiful, fresh hair (dead right!)

The salon is located on Grafton Street, and is the blow dry solution to any bad hair day.