For anyone under the age of four, napping in public can be a real struggle.

Whether it's a packed Luas, or a sterile waiting room, it's not easy to find a comfortable place to get those Zzzz.

Not content with this utter nonsense, one woman has taken it upon herself to banish this problem for good.

Simone Giertz (AKA our new favourite person), has just invented the full-body mattress.

The genius innovator simply cuts a large piece of foam in the shape of her body, then secures it in place with straps around her waist, legs and head.

Now, we'll be honest, it looks a bit ridiculous.


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However, we're willing to look past this one tiny flaw in order to appreciate its endless potential.

What's more, Simone has even designed a detachable cape for 'snuggling', because what good is a nap without a blanket to cuddle into?

The bizarre product has certainly stirred up some conversation online, with many sceptics questioning its practicality.

But, for the most part, people have been praising Simone for her solution to this very real, everyday problem.

We couldn't agree more, Jean.