The Internet has provided us with so many optical illusions in recent months it’s hard to remember what worries we had before Twitter began to torment us.

But – as was seen with the dress that broke the Internet – it’s often the most simple illusions which cause us humans the most bother.

In the box below there’s a white grid covered in grey lines – OK so that much is obvious – but sitting upon those grey lines are TWELVE little black dots.

Now you probably think we’re raving but as you look around the box you’ll begin to see dots you hadn’t seen before, but as you find those new dots the original dots which caught your eye will probably disappear.

According to Cosmopolitan and the guy who kicked off this latest round of torture, your brain simply will not allow you to see all of the dots at once.

So before you really do spend your entire night chasing dots, have one last glance and accept that some mysteries are just not meant to be solved.