The humble Brunch is one of Ireland's most beloved ice creams. 

That delicate, crumply coating encasing smooth vanilla and strawberry ice cream is literally all we want on a hot summer day. 

Now, Brunch is teaming up with Insomnia to create what could possibly be the best frankenfood invention since the rainbow bagel.

Insomnia have recreated the delicious Brunch flavour in the new Brunch Icecap, so if a Brunch flavoured frappe sounds like your thing, then go forth and seek out your local Insomnia cafe.

The new drink is topped with a sprinkling of crumbly biscuit over a smooth vanilla and strawberry blended frappe.

Insomnia is also introducing an Oreo Ice Cap and a Caramel Latte Ice Cap, both of which join the new Brunch falvour in stores today. 

We're drooling just thinking about it…