If you've been trawling through the world of niche fashionistas on social media, then you may have noticed a few fashion fans utilising a very unusual item into their looks.

The Ikea bag is having a moment, albeit a satirical one.

The Ikea Frakta bag is being used to create new and unusual style statements, after Balenciaga was accused of creating a bag that looked shocking similar to the blue plastic tote.


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The home furnishings store sells the bags for €0.70, while Balenciaga is selling their similar style for over €2000.00.

People are now getting creative when adopting the new trend into their wardrobes. 


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Creatives are clearly taking the p*** a little bit with their looks, but it's actually taking off.

Logos are having a fashion moment anyway, so why can't we pay homage to the homewear behemoth?  


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From sandals to chokers to full-on tops, we're obsessed with Ikea inspired Instagram posts.  

All we need now is a Frakta bag and a pair of scissors….


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 Feature image: Instagram / Audrakay