Breaking in the perfect pair of high heels for the party season is no mean feat, and even if you take precautions those new heels can be torture.

No one wants to be that girl at the end of the night with her shoes in her hand ( and possibly a takeaway in the other), and some women are going to drastic measures to achieve pain-free feet. 

With all of those Christmas parties on the horizon, some women are opting for foot botox to stay in their heels all night long.

"The use of Botox in the feet to ease swelling and pain caused by high heels is not a new technique," Dr Jeremy Hunt from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery told the Daily Mail.

According to Dr Hunt, foot botox is not a new procedure, but it is increasingly in demand during the festive season. 

"The procedure involves a number of small injections in and around the sole area of the feet that aids with pain relief and reduces the swelling that can sometimes occur with wearing high heels for long periods of time," he said.

So sitting down to rest your long suffering feet could be a thing of the past.  

The procedures costs about €350, so it might not be that realistic if you have presents to buy and a Christmas feast to cater to.

The doctor warned that it is also not recommended as a long term solution to wearing high heels.