We love flowers and we love beards, now we can have them together – the best of both worlds, we think.

Flower beards are starting to grow in popularity and we have blogger Pierre Thiot to thank for the latest social media trend – although it was far from flowers he started.

Thiot started his Tumblr project Will It Beard last March, which involved him putting things like Lego, slinkies, straws and Little Green Men into his beard and taking pictures of them – as you do. He then snapped some flowers in his facial hair and, well, what happened after is pretty obvious – the whole world wanted a bit of the flower action.

Images of men with flowers in their beards have cropped up everywhere, Instagram is literally covered in them.

We wear flowers in our hair so why can’t men wear them in their beard?

They are impressive and at least they’ll smell nice, right?