Halloween can be a hectic time for Ireland's emergency services, as reports of bonfires, fireworks and general mischief increase for the spooky season. 

Every Halloween, Dublin Fire Brigade attend hundreds of fires.

Last night, Dublin Fire Brigade attended a bonfire in the East Wall area, and came under attack while doing so.

The DFB shared images on Twitter of their smashed fire engine window after the incident.

Luckily, no crew members were injured in the incident. 

While they indicated that the incident occurred in the East Wall, the DFB withheld the exact location. 

However, Twitter users were quick to accuse the brigade of suggesting that the incident occurred on Sheriff Street. 

Dublin Fire Brigade corrected the user, revealing that the incident did not occur on that street.

'I decided against naming the location as its not fair to define an area by the act of a few,' reads the response tweet. 

The images of the smashed window angered many on social media, who questioned why on earth anyone would attack our emergency services on their way to a potentially life threatening incident. 

'Unbelievable! Fire fighters risking their lives everyday to ensure the safety of others. What kind of idiot attacks a fire engine?' tweeted one.

The damaged fire truck was taken out of service to be repaired.