One Hollywood film producer has noticed a disheartening trend in the numerous scripts he has to sift through a day. 

And that trend is that the descriptions of female characters generally tend to be horrendous and focus almost entirely on looks (basically they are infuriatingly sexist). 

Ross, who changed all the character names to 'Jane', has posted his discovery in a rather sarcastic and yet truly illuminating Twitter rampage. 

Yeah, no wonder there is still gender equality issues in Hollywood…

Speaking to Jezebel, Ross outlined why he felt he couldn't keep these descriptions to himself. 

"For every confused ‘you're' and ‘your,' there's just as much latent misogyny and sexism in the scripts I read. Women are first and foremost described as ‘beautiful,' ‘attractive,' or—my personal blow-my-brains-out-favorite- ‘stunning.'

"I found myself posting to Facebook far too often ‘here comes another script with our 45 year-old male lead dating a 25 year-old woman,' and decided I was going to keep track of the female character introductions in scripts I read for a few weeks.

"I went back and combed through past scripts too, and the patterns were pretty disconcerting.

"I plan on posting every one that I read, and there are plenty that aren't offensive, but honestly, most of them have some element—subtle or overt—that plays into latent objectification."

You go, Ross.