We bet Ed Sheeran didn't expect this when he opened a letter from an adoring fan. 

The 24-year-old singer bravely posted a handwritten note on Instagram which he received from a Korean fan during the latest leg of his world tour. 

The fan's note, which was accompanied with a t-shirt, read: "To Ed Sheeran (my great singer), I hope you love the shirt."

All is going well, until it continued with: "You are a little ugly but I love you!"

"Please wear this shirt and get some 2015 concert tour! From Lee Jaung In (your fan)."

A little bizarre yes, but Ed's trusty fans rushed to his side, giving him many words of wisdom.

"You are a beautiful soul", one user wrote, while many others called him "cute". 

Upon further inspection, it also transpires that the letter was actually written and delivered some six months ago, but it seems to be witnessing something of an online resurgence again – much to Mr Sheeran's amusement, we're sure.