Has Facebook asked you for your number yet?

If you thought the only way to get rid of that annoying notification was to submit your digits then think again.

A British software engineer has discovered that by adding their number to the site, people are making it easier for others to find and share their information online.

Reza Moaiandin used a coding script to generate every possible phone number in the U.S, Canada and the U.K. He then sent millions of the number to Facebook’s app-building programme.

In return he was able to then receive millions of personal profiles completely unblocked.

Any data that Facebook users have made viewable by the public was accessible to Reza whether he was friends with them or not, or even through friends of friends.

Some of this personal data included not only individual’s phone numbers but also their addresses, birthdays and relationship statuses.

He told the Mail Online: 'With this security loophole, a person with the right knowledge can harvest the non-private details of the users who allow public access to their phone numbers, enabling the harvester to then use or sell on the user details.”

Facebook then told him that they do not consider this a “security vulnerability” as they have controls in place to “monitor and mitigate abuse”.

Ultimately it appears the responsibility always lies with the user. We just know that we’ll be keeping some things to ourselves.

Can you imagine if that questionable ex from your past managed to get your new number? Nope. No thank you.