There is an age old assumption that having body art can impact your level of employability.

However, a new study has shown that having tattoos actually doesn't impact your job prospects at all. 

In fact, it showed that people with tattoos actually worked more days and hours a year than people who didn't.

The scientists behind the study asked 2,064 people about their tattoos and careers, and various other lifestyle questions. 

As well as not having an effect on the amount of time worked, researchers found that body ink also did not seem to impact wages.

'Not only are the wages and annual earnings of tattooed employees in the United States statistically indistinguishable from the wages and annual earnings of employees without tattoos, but tattooed individuals are also just as likely, and in some instances even more likely, to gain employment,' reads the study.

So, it seems despite common misconception, tattoos aren't actually a career hindrance. 

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