Hordes of screaming fans, thousands of miles from home and an epic world tour just kicking off – it’s no wonder that One Direction star Liam Payne broke down on stage.

The band were performing in Colombia, on the first date of their Where We Are tour, which will take them all over the world playing 69 dates.

It seems the experience was all a bit too much for poor Liam as he sobbed on stage during the love song You and I.

“I know Liam will probably be embarrassed by this but he cried a little we were singing You and I,” one fan pointed out on Twitter after the show.

“You cried during you and I? it’s my favorite song ever…” said another fan.

It seems Liam is feeling the pressure of embarking on the massive tour ahead of him.

He recently posted on Twitter that he had forgotten how “lonely” living in a hotel could be, before posting a sleepy selfie on the site saying he wished he could stay in bed!

But Liam’s fans are certainly the ones to pick him up when he’s feeling blue, as he tweeted after the Colombia performance that the show was, “The greatest experience of my life.”

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