He's a TV presenter, a designer and a stylist, so it's safe to say that Darren Kennedy knows a thing or two about the world of fashion.

The Dublin native was named Galaxy Style Ambassador and the Face of Dublin Fashion Festival last night, and with a host of achievements under his belt, we thought he was the best person to ask about how to break into the fashion industry.

With the Leaving Cert results out, and the CAO results on its way, it can be a hectic time for the best of us. There's numerous questions swirling around your head about what college and what course you'll get into, but if we took anything from Darren yesterday, it's that experience is invaluable in the fashion industry.

"Knock on doors, say hello, let people know what you're interested in and that you're trying to get out there.

"I think there's no replacing experience. Teaming up with people in the field who you admire is a great learning experience – and you need it to make it."

Darren also comments that once you do get in the door, you need to keep going and don't get lazy or give up.

"Once you get those opportunities, don't let yourself down. Over-deliver."

However, in an industry that's more hands-on than books-on, the style guru promises that making the connections – even on social media – will get you in the door.

"Have your eyes and ears open and follow the people you admire and would like to work with. It could be as simple as answering a tweet, or engaging in a conversation with them. You just have to be confident and make yourself known."

These days there's a big push on blogging and doing it all by yourself. And even though that's a great accomplishment, Darren suggest you'll have a better understanding of the industry if you work with people.

"Working on your own might be a long-term objective but you need to figure out how things are run. Getting to know people in the industry is invaluable.

"If you work on your own, especially when you're starting out, can be quite isolating in this field. And don't make assumptions about people, everyone is just trying to do their best."

And once you're in, the designer promises that you'll have a lot to look forward to.

"I love the people I get to meet… I work with some amazing people who are really passionate about the things they do.

"I get great insight into peoples lives and it can be nice to see them transform.

"And I love how it all changes. I work on so many projects so there's something new everyday."

And if you want to stand out, take inspiration from everywhere.

"I travel a lot and I'm based in London so for what it's worth, be inspired by your own surroundings."

To end, Darren encourages that you should just be yourself, follow people in the industry who have similar ideas to you, and work hard.

"If you want it, you'll make it. Always stay true to you."