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Look, it happens to all of us. You forget your phone is in your back pocket, and when you go to the loo you hear that awful clink-sound of your precious mobile dropping into water.


Most of us will try to save our beloved phones by throwing them in the hot press or leaving them in a bag of rice for a few hours. But, let's be honest, these tricks can be totally hit and miss when it comes to saving the phone's life.

However, Gazelle ran a few tests and found out that this hack is way more efficient.

*Drumroll please* The website says that kitty litter (we're not joking) is way better at drying out a drenched phone than anything else.

They also recommend to leave the phone in the cat litter for three days to get most out if it. Now, to the pet shop… We guess…



Nothing adds to an outfit like beautifully manicured nails – but waiting for them to dry can be particularly tedious, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Luckily for you ladies, we have the answers that you have be waiting so long for – how to make your nails dry quickly…

Plenty of thin layers
Go for a thin coat as a thick layer takes ages to dry. Just add layers to build up the colour but make sure each one is dry before putting more polish on it…

Bowl of ice anyone?
If you can bear the cold, dip your tips into a bowl of ice cold water.  You will need to wait about five minutes before doing it though – if you’re in a hurry, go straight to the freezer.

Go for the hairdryer
This has got to be the most effective way to make your nails dry faster and the most obvious one.

Say goodbye to smudges and smeared nails forever.