We know this can be a touchy subject among coffee lovers – and it pains us to write this as we clutch our own morning coffee – but it’s something that has to be discussed sooner or later.

Not to sound like a health fanatic, but, coffee has no nutritional value whatsoever. It doesn’t have minerals, vitamins or any enzymes, so how could you possibly want something like that in your body?

Yes, it may contain antioxidants, but these are just cancelled out by all of its ‘non-beneficial’ properties that coffee has.

It also contains a well-known and highly addictive drug that can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia and nervousness. People who normally rely on coffee to get by will find themselves fidgeting if they don’t get their fix – the body will just crave the caffeine.

Lastly, since coffee promotes fluid loss, the body’s ability to use water is impaired. It dehydrates the body and sucks all the water from your skin cells –  you don’t want early wrinkles now do you?