Another day, another amazing beauty collaboration we can't wait to get our eager hands on! 

The Internet's latest offering comes in the form of beautiful Disney-inspired face masks, and we want every single one of them. 

The Face Shop, who specialise in Korean beauty products, recently brought sheet masks together with its latest Disney collaboration. 


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The brand new sheet mask collection includes Disney princess-inspired masks that will leave your skin, hair, and even your feet feeling gorgeous and glowing.

The best part is, while you can buy a classic face mask, the collaboration is also offering options for your hair and feet – all inspired by the wonderful princesses we love.

You can choose from the Sleeping Beauty face mask, Snow White brightening mask, and Little Mermaid sheet mask, which promise to leave your skin feeling fresh like a princess. 


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The Rapunzel hair mask contains "88 extracts" that are guaranteed to give your lucious locks a “magical, and healthy shine.” There is also a Cinderella foot mask, which “contains strong moisturising ingredients such as shea butter and collagen.”

Prices for the GLORIOUS masks start at just €7 for two, which seems like a small price to pay for Disney themed relaxation. 


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