Recently police in the US warned parents of the dangers of ecstasy pills that 'looked like' sweets and could accidentally be eaten by children. But today Haribo has managed to turn that problem on its head by launching a new range of sweets that look like, well, something a fair bit stronger than what they actually are.

Behold, Haribo's rave-inspired jellies:

According to the Haribo site, the sweets have a "slightly acidic" taste, and come in flavours like cola, lemon and raspberry, with each circular sweet designed to look like a "button" on a DJ deck.

The new DJ Brause Sauer (translated as 'DJ Sherbet') sweets are disco-themed, which has only added to the controversy.

When asked by one publication about the possible link to drugs, the German sweet company said it takes its "social responsibility very seriously" and that the jellies are only intended to look like play, pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons.