In January of this year, actor Emile Hirsch was arrested and subsequently charged with aggravated assault and intoxication while attending the Sundance Film Festival.

The 30-year-old Milk star allegedly put a female executive from Paramount Pictures, Daniele Bernfeld, into a chokehold, dragged her across a table and slammed her down to the ground.

While the above statement documents the events according to Ms Berneld, Emile had said that he doesn’t remember exactly what happened but that he believes she came at him and he defended himself.

In a report obtained by The Associated Press, the studio exec said that the incident was “insanely painful and absolutely terrifying.” She continued, “He basically grabbed me at the curve of the elbow, choked me up, threw me across the table, and I felt the front of my throat hit the back of my throat.”

Ms Bernfeld said that she was initially hesitant about pressing charges because of the “sensitive nature” of her work and the Into the Wild actor’s Hollywood status. However, when she realised her name was already being mentioned by the press in relation to the incident, she came forward and pressed charges.

The report stated that Daniele had visible red marks on her neck. It also stated that Emile was slurring his words and struggling to balance on the night of the incident.

An eyewitness said in his statement that “I have seen quite a few fights in my life, but this was pretty violent.” Although the witness's name has been redacted, he has been identified as a film director.

Before the Alpha Dog actor was released, he said that he was surprised by what had happened and told police that he generally stays out of trouble.

“I’ve always respected the law and been a law-abiding citizen. To have it bite me is surprising but at the same time, you can never be surprised when dealing with the law.”

The father-of-one checked into rehab after the incident. He is due in court on 17 August. If convicted he could face up to five years in prison and a €4,500 fine.