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This is CRAY.

I have to admit, I used to have the fear for scissors. When a hairdresser would come near me with one, I would inch away, tell her my mam was wrong and I only wanted a little trim.

They always took off more than I wanted, anyway.

But this new technique spotted on Instagram is just INSANE and certainly not for the faint-hearted.


A video posted by M&MFRISEURE (@mmfriseure) on

The time-lapsed clip shows a hairstylist from M&M Friseure dividing hair into four tight ponytails.

She then goes on to snip each one, and when it's all over… her hair is GORGEOUS.

Saying that, I wouldn't risk it for the life of me…



Every week comes a new beauty or hair trend.. and this week it involves cutting your OWN hair. *Shivers*.

Youtuber and make-up artist Camila Bravo shared her hair-cutting techniques on Instagram, and the Internet is obsessed with how perfect it turned out.


Press Play Before Calling me Crazy, I been cutting my own side bangs since forever ago. I love how they come out just by doing what I am showing here , so I thought I should share with you guys. If you have curly hair like myself cut them alittle lower than the actual desire length because keep in mind the hair will shrink. ♦Eyes: @motivescosmeticsElement Color Box ( use referral code Kamilabravo for Off ) ♦Lashes: @shophudabeauty in Style Marilyn. I find this style to be the perfect lashes for when you want something simple on the eyes but you want your lashes to be poppin ! ♦Skin: Born This Way foundation from @toofaced (Light Beige) Age Rewind Concealer by @maybelline ( Light/Pale shade) ♦Set with @lauramercier Translucent Powder & Mineralize skin finish by mac. ♦Hoola Bronzer by @benefitcosmetics ♦Highlight Grace by @gerardcosmetics Lips : Serenity by @gerardcosmetics #kamilabravo #bangsturoial

A video posted by Camila Bravo (@kamilabravo) on

Camila is seen taking a section from the top of her hair, twisting it and then poof! She cuts it off – which is not for the faint hearted.

To be fair though, she does make it look pretty easy, and we were thinking about getting a side fringe…


Finding the perfect hairdresser can be tricky; you need someone that listens to your hair needs and cuts and colours your hair exactly the way you want it.

And when you do find the one, it can be a brilliant thing – until you stop listening to their advice, that is.

So, to make the relationship perfect, here are five pieces of advice your hairdresser wish you knew or would listen to:

You CAN over-wash your hair

If your hair has ‘fly aways’ and is too soft, it's usually because you wash your hair too often and put conditioner all over. Not washing your hair for a day or two will give it more body and it will be more easily managed.


You really do need regular trims to grow your hair

OK, we know you’ve heard this a million times before but you really can't expect luscious, long locks without regular trims. If you don't trim your hair every few weeks, it will actually start to get thin and lifeless. And we don't want that!


The finer the comb, the greater the frizz

This is especially true if you have curly hair. The more teeth there are on a comb the more frizzy your hair will look. Instead, use a very wide tooth comb or comb through with your fingers.


The hairdryer should never touch your hair

Resting the nozzle of your hairdryer directly on your hair when blow-drying can cause scorching and breakage. Scary! The less heat on your hair the better so if you can't bear to air-dry, rough-dry your hair with a towel first to get most of the moisture out.


Coloured hair needs different care

If you don't want your colour to fade fast, then it's super important to pick the right shampoos and conditioners. You will need to use a shampoo that doesn't contain pearlising agents, conditioning agents and silicones that can build up on your hair leaving it looking dull.