We've all been there. You receive a text from your crush and spend hours analysing it, breaking it down, and sending it onto your mates to see what their verdict is.

And most of the time, the text is something pretty mundane like, 'so, how was your day?'

But still, you pester your friends with questions such as, 'Does this mean he fancies me?' or 'Is he just bored and wasting time?'.

Well, instead of wrecking your head and annoying your friends, there's an app that can tell you if your crush fancies you.

Say hello to Crushh, the app that uses algorithms to read and analyse words in a text message, to figure out if the sender thinks you're hot AF.

It's pretty simple to use. Once you download the app, all you have to do is choose the contact you want to analyse and the app will do its thang.

Its website reads, "You’ll get a score out of 5 indicating who likes who more, where a 2.5 means you like each other equally.

"The algorithms basically work like a person does. It looks at factors like frequency, length, response times, and features within the texts like sentiment, words, punctuation and emoji usage.

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"You even get a chart showing how the score has changed over the life of your relationship, along with measures of engagement and interest.

"It will even show the corresponding texts from any day so you can use it to pinpoint the exact messages that could have caused a change in the relationship."

And don't worry, the contact will have no idea you're analysing their texts.

No need to stress over that winky face emoji anymore…