One Direction’s Harry Styles has been immortalised forever in cracker form.

Food artist Nathan Wyburn was asked to create portraits of some of the UK’s most famous faces in Jacob’s snacks as part of the company’s new £10million campaign.

While artist Miss Cakehead built UK national treasures such as Stonehenge and the London Eye out of the snacks, Nathan focused on famous faces.

His inspired creations – made out of cream crackers and mini cheddars among other treats – include Cheryl ‘Cheddars’ Cole, Kate Middleton (Duchess of Creamcracker-bridge), Holly Willoughby (Holly Odditybooby) and now, Harry ‘Minicheddar’ Styles.

Over 12,000 Twiglets, 54kg of Cream Crackers and over 10kg of Mini Cheddars were used to make the artworks, which were unveiled last night at a London art gallery.

Nathan, a semi-finalist in 2011’s Britain’s Got Talent said, “We all know and love Mini Cheddars so to have the opportunity to create Cheryl Cole and Harry Styles out of them was so much fun.”