Another day, another gorgeous new hair trend worth obsessing over. 


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Our latest discovery comes in the form of cotton candy coloured hair, and it is just delightful. 


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It kind of reminds us of the unicorn hair trend that people went crazy for last year, but it's a little but sweeter (pun intended!)

The look involves bleaching the hair white, and then adding a pastel wash to the hair to create the gorgeous cotton candy colour. 

While typically pink is the go-to for this look, people have used gorgeous purples, blues and greens also. 

While we do recomend that you get the look done professionally, there are some fantastic home-dyes that will leave you with the sweetest hair ever.

Bleach London offer super cool semi-permanent colours, our favourite one being rosé, and they won't break the bank. 


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Alternatively, Manic Panic have a semi permanent dye that is actually called Cotton Candy, and it is fabulous! 

We really love this gorgeous hair trend!