No matter your age you are bound to experience skin issues that can leave you feeling down and a little insecure.

Here we have found the four most common skin complaints and tips on how to treat it:

Acne can hit at any time in your life whether you are in your teens or mid-twenties. The best way to treat it is to keep your skin clean with gentle washing and use a product suitable for your skin type.

Psoriasis causes your skin to become very itchy and can flair up anywhere on the body. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it so you should book an appointment with your doctor who will be able to prescribe something that will help keep it under control. Avoid harsh chemicals and take cod liver oil supplements.

Athlete’s foot
This can actually be quite painful and incredibly itchy. The best way to treat it is to wash your feet regularly, keep them dry and use an athlete foot powder.

Not just for witches, warts are flesh coloured lumps that usually appear on your hands. Head to the pharmacy and pick up an over the counter cream. You only need to book an appointment if the wart is in an awkward spot or is particularly annoying you.