It doesn’t matter where you went to school in Ireland – these lot were there.

Which famous clique were you a part of growing up?

1. The D4′s
Whether or not they were from Dublin4, it didn’t change the fact they rocked Dubes, had Roxy schoolbags and wore those coral necklaces. Activities from this gang would usually include going on shopping trips to New York and supporting the local rugby team.

The_O.C._-_The_Core_Four2. The Scary Crowd
“WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT?” Everyone who was not in this group, tended to stay the hell away from them. The Scary Crowd were always a frightening bunch and straightening/gelling their hair to bits was a general past time for these lovely class members. It seems that no matter what you did, you somehow managed to slag their cousin.

14brgig3. The Messers
Ah these classmates were always good craic. The Messers tended to be good-hearted people who wanted to bring a little laughter into the school day. Whether that was drawing a penis on the blackboard or slagging the teacher, the Messers were no doubt the best craic in the year.

tumblr_l66vip1geF1qzdf0go1_4004. The Sporty People
The Sporty people tend to be almost always out of class. This made everyone jealous that they got to miss the horrible maths test and occasional homework. It felt like they were excused from academic work because they could kick a football or something.

tumblr_inline_mv6r2rxauX1qcryb65. The Emo Kids
This group mostly kept to themselves. They did not indulge in socialising often, especially not in school. You often find them hanging out with other angsty teenagers at the weekend in town squares or at Central Bank, wearing nothing but black. They would also often inscribe worrying lyrics into tables during class.

tumblr_lm390bs01h1qcqavbo1_5006. The Nerds
These were the folk who stayed in and did their homework while the rest of us were off drinking in the local field. These people were generally terrified of interaction with others who were not nerds for the fear they would be asked for the answer of last night’s maths questions. Realistically they’re probably rolling around in money somewhere right now.

82606-nerd-alert-gif-Austin-Powers-tVhE7. The Bebo Stunnahs
They had 100,000+ pages views on Bebo, and were constantly getting in trouble for having too many piercings/blue hair/wearing a hello kitty onesie instead of their uniform. These people have no doubt evolved into Hipsters and are now roaming the streets in over-sized denim jackets and vintage rubbish bags.

giphy8. The Rockers
It was band t-shirt and combat trousers all round in this group. When they weren’t busy not taking a shower, they would spend they’re time listening or pretending to like Metallica and praised Tenacious D. Generally a friendly group of teens, looking more threatening than they actually were.


10. The Popular People
Don’t lie, we all wanted to hang out with the popular people. They had the best parties and knew all the good sessions. They resembled the cast members of The O.C and didn’t have a spot or a blemish in sight. Jerks.

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