When you're in work ALL day, hungover or simply just lazy, it can be an effort and a half to get up and wash your hair (don't lie, you know it's true).

So, it's safe to say you're going to welcome this little beauty with open arms into your life.

Living Proof dry shampoo is unlike any other dry shampoo you have used before – because it actually cleans your hair.

Most brands just hide the grease (we know, disgusting) but Living Proof has a "triple action cleaning technology" which basically washes your hair without all the water and soap.

The spray is totally weightless and has various powders which work as a formula to absorb and dissolve dirt and oil (rather than just masking it).

All you need to do is sprit the spray onto your hair (it will seem a bit stiff at first), then leave for a minute and brush though, leaving your hair looking like it's been freshly washed.

We can see this becoming our new BFF.