Ever feel like one McFlurry just isn't enough?

Yep, us too. Especially during summer hangover days when all you want to do is cool down and chill out.

Unfortunately, our McFlurries last about five minutes in our hands before it's all gobbled up, so when we came across a McFlurry BUCKET, we were just delighted.

As always, there's a catch; it's only available in selected stores in France and Spain. *Sob*

According to Brand Eating, the 'McFlurry Party' bucket comes with four cups so you can deck the ice cream out to your friends (or, you know… eat it all yourself).

Image result for mcflurry party bucket france

What's more, the flavours seem to be pretty glorious, with options such as Kit Kat and cookie butter (yummy).

We'll BRB, just booking a ticket to Paris.