Certain foods have great healing properties, so if you have a mild ailment why not try some of these? Of course you should see your doctor if you’re not feeling well too.

Here are some of nature's finest healing foods:

The pungent base of most meals has been used for its healing properties for centuries.

Studies are still ongoing into the potential health benefits of turmeric but research has already found the popular spice to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

This flavourful root is used to treat nausea so next time you’re feeling a bit queasy, a cup of hot ginger tea should set you on the road again.

These powerful nuts  are said to be anti-inflammatory as well as helpful in regulating blood pressure.

These seeds, sold whole and ground, have been used for their medicinal properties throughout history. Grind into your smoothie, porridge or granola to keep your digestive system working smoothly.

Another historical healing food, honey was often used a topical solution for burns and cuts. Today, it is consumed to help heal colds and ease sore throats. It is also helpful to allergy sufferers during pollen season. Interestingly, honey is the only food on earth that does not go off.

This hot spice can add a wealth of benefits to your diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, cayenne speeds up your metabolism. It is also been proven to aid healthy digestion and liver function.