We thought we'd seen it all when the gin and tonic Easter egg came into our lives, but clearly we were mistaken.

Now, an off-licence in Northern Ireland has come up with a Buckfast Easter Egg, for those who aren't partial to a G&T.

The Bucky egg is the unique endeavour of D-Bee's offie, and it's quite an entrepreneurial feat. 

D-Bee's Off Licence/Facebook

Inside the yellow box, you’ll find a chocolate egg, which unfortunately is not Bucky flavoured, and a miniature bottle of the tonic wine.

There is also an array of Buckfast emblazoned merchandise, including a lighter and a pen. 

D-Bee's Off Licence/Facebook

There are plenty of Bucky fans that we can think of who'd love to get their hands on this egg. 

You can order these Easter eggs from the off-licence, located in Lurgan, Armagh by giving them a ring or email.

Excuse us, we have a quick phone call to make…. 

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