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Hundreds of people have been injured and trapped after two explosions blasted Brussels Airport.

Witnesses from the airport say that they "felt the shockwaves" which are claimed to have centred at the American Airlines check-in desk at 7am, reports the Daily Mail.

Pictures from this morning show the terminal windows smashed from the force of the explosions and debris falling everywhere.

The Belgian capital was on a state of high alert this week following the arrest of Paris terror attack suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week. 


At least 11 people have lost their lives from the explosions and up to 25 have been injured.

The explosions cut-off a terminal in which people were unable to escape. It also shattered the arrivals hall. 

The Daily Mail has confirmed that the explosions in Brussels airport we're let off by suicide bombers.

A SECOND attack has hit the Metro station near EU Headquarters