If you, like us, have taken multiple candid (or posed) shots of your cleavage when your bosom looked particularly glorious, you might want to perform a little search on your iPhone.

Why? Well, because they can all be found in an album you likely didn't know existed called 'brassiere'.

So, according to Techspot, the issue came to the fore yesterday when Twitter users began speculating over whether Apple purposely saves cleavage shots in a folder within the photograph function.

And before we all panic, Techspot are here to tell the public that that is not the case, but that Apple simply uses image recognition AI which allows the phone to identify certain images, not exclusively brassiere-related ones.

In fact, image recognition AI allows the phone to search and identify more than 4,000 keywords within the photo function, and the search only registers on the local device as opposed to across the Apple servers.

So, put simply, it's not as creepy as it first sounded, but it is worth noting that you cannot turn the image recognition feature off.

BRB, gotta check out our slicker snaps…