Bras are tricky business. Finding the right size is only half the battle, because even the most perfect bra has its flaws. Falling straps, poking underwires and tricky necklines are just some of the problems we have to deal with every now and then. 

But instead of moving on to a new bra (which is mighty expensive), we've come across some hacks that will hold your bra tight until the very end! Never have a pesky bra problem again:

1. Use a paper clip to pin straps

Instead of buying a racer bra or a bra clip, using a paper clip works just as well to pin your straps together temporarily.


2. DIY a bra extension

Low-back dresses and tops are super cute, but they're totally ruined when your bra strap shows. Instead, use an old bra to make a bra extension. Here's a video to show you exactly how to do it (it's actually quite easy!).


3. Stop straps from digging into your shoulders

This can be the most annoying thing EVER, especially if your straps are small. But shoulder pads for bra straps are actually a thing (who knew?) and will totally change the way your bra feels on you. Hello comfort! 


4. After washing, lay your bra FLAT

If you hang them up they will lose their shape. And never put them in the dryer – the heat will cause the elastic to wear away faster.


5. Store your bras with the cups open

Never fold one cup into the other because it destroys the fibres in the moulding, resulting in a tangled and bumpy bra. And nobody wants that. 


6. Use foam padding to fix underwire

It happens to all of us, but it's still super annoying when the underwire of your bra pops out and pokes you. Grab some foam padding plasters from your local pharmacy and stick it around the small hole in your bra. Simple!

Image (5) credit: Alexandra Larsson