This announcement comes just in time for that good weather we are being promised for the weekend ahead.

Queen of Everything, Beyoncé Knowles has struck up a partnership with Flash tattoos. The Beyoncé pack will feature 5 sheets of the metallic transfer tattoos and you’ll never guess what the theme of he designs was chosen to be.

Bees. But of course. Considering her fans call themselves the ‘BeyHive’, we are not all that surprised at the inspirational choice.

In her video for Feeling Myself, Queen B can be spotted sporting a few of the pieces herself. The founder of Flash Tattoos Miranda Burnet has said they are “thrilled” to welcome B to their golden family.


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“Working with her has been incredible — she brought really original and beautiful ideas. We came up with a pack that we are all really proud of and excited to wear.”

Not one to fall in with the crowd, Beyoncé’s designs are going to include some very eye catching body art pieces.


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“The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry — we wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied Beyoncé.”

The tattoos can be worn almost anywhere on your body. You can even layer up the designs to create some more original and intricate patterns if you desire.


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The gold and silver tattoos are designed to look similar to beehive patterns and they include the phrases “flawless” and “put a ring on it”.

Just in time for your long awaited trip to EP!